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"Hard is not hopeless." - General David Petraeus

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Utter Joy in What God Created for Me

Our Sunday School lesson (yes, I'm old fashioned, I still call it Sunday School and always will) for today revolves around the question, "Why would God forgive me?"  One of the beautiful examples in the lesson is the reminder that just for His very own creation, His children, He painstakingly created the Universe and all that is in it, like a new mother with great care prepares the nursery for the coming baby.

Yesterday was extremely busy, from the moment I got up, as most weekends are.  Late last night, I needed a break from all my "To Do's" so spent some time watching some videos showcasing some of Arizona's state parks.

I was moved to tears, again.  Happy tears.  And again I thanked God for allowing me the privilege and honor of living in this beautiful, wonderful state.  What a mighty thing, His creation! So wonderful and diverse!  And this is just ONE state that shows the magnitude of His creation.  What about all the other states in our great nation?  What about all the nations of the world?

God's creativity, His love and care for us is so vast I just can't comprehend it.  But I am so thankful for it--with words I do not yet know how to express.

And if we are so important to Him that He creates all of these wonders for us, how can we refuse becoming children of God?  Of accepting that forgiveness He so freely offers and has already paid for?

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