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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Favorite Author Website?

Hello all,

Whether you are a reader or a writer, I'm asking for your input.  If you visit any author websites, I would like to know if you have a favorite that you like to return to.

Here's the thing, I'm asking for responses based on their WEBSITE, not how well you like their books.  If there is an author whose website appeals to you, I'd love to hear about it, get the link and if you could also tell me why it appeals to you.  Also, are there things you wish had been on the author's website that weren't?

I'm asking because for the last several months, I've been taking online classes to learn how to develop a website.  Yes, I do realize that I can use Blogger or a number of other programs to create a website.  But I'm a geek and I wanted to learn the process from the ground up (I'm the proverbial glutton for punishment).

So, as part of my homework, I've been visiting different author websites to learn what the differences and similarities are.  But I'd also appreciate your input. 



Nicole said...

Brenda, I'm only inclined to visit an author's website if they reference their blog and contribute to it regularly as well as respond to the comments. Otherwise it's just another site with information I probably already have gained from someplace else.

Many of their sites aren't updated. The most current and probably the only author website I visit belongs to Vince Flynn and since I get his monthly newsletter that links me to his website, I don't need to go there daily.

Doubt that helps you much. ;(

B.K. Jackson said...

That does help. My first impression is that generally speaking, people don't visit author websites a lot. I don't visit that many, and not regularly. The one author website I did make it a point to check, I quit going because the website had old information on it.

So in addition to trying to design an aesthetically appealing and informational website, I have to be careful to invest only the time necessary to the task. I know me--my approach to everything is going gangbusters. But gangbusters isn't always needed. 8-)

King J's Queen said...

I like author websites (and Facebook/Twitter) when the author interacts some with readers. Obviously, they cannot reply to every comment; but even periodic updates are nice.

When I feel like an author's website is just a big advertisement, I don't come back often, if at all.