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"Hard is not hopeless." - General David Petraeus

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Arizona Inspiration's Two Year Anniversary!

Sundays are both the most hectic and exciting days of the week. I love the opportunity to get back to God's house but by the same token, I have to be sure that teaching classes, worship services, and discipleship training don't become routine and that I don't forget Who is the reason I go there in the first place.

And in between all of that, I managed to get one of the crits done that was on my to-do list for this weekend. YEEHAW!!!!

But I couldn't let the day pass without noting that today is the 2nd anniversary of this Arizona Inspiration blog. I can well remember that first post from 2007 because it talked about the one thing I was thinking of this morning, two short years later --- the absolute thrill of the return of cool weather. There is just nothing like those first days in September in the early morning hours where you feel for the first time in months the caress of a cool breeze.

I'm looking forward to longer walks with the dog and maybe doing a little hiking too if the back holds up.

I've noticed since I began blogging that it has become a surrogate for my personal journal. I don't journal nearly as much as I used to pre-Blogger. But that's okay.

And a great many things have happenened in those 2 years - it's mind boggling. So Happy Anniversary and here's to two more years!


Patti Shene said...

Congratulations on your 2nd anniversary, Brenda! I always enjoy reading your blog.

King J's Queen said...

Happy Belated Blog-i-versary!