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"Hard is not hopeless." - General David Petraeus

Friday, February 17, 2012

Steady Consistent Writing Progress

Life is a balancing act and I constantly feel out of balance.  The day job sucks away most of the waking hours of my life, and with what's left, I try to build a writing career, work where I can with the youth at church, do the tedious chores of daily living and try to take care of myself.

Ironically, one of the most difficult things about being a writer is...getting words on paper (or computer).  You'd think that would be the LEAST of a writer's problems but it's the biggest.  And I knew I needed to do a MUCH better job at writing consistently, despite the constant juggling of time.

So I set a goal this year of writing 3,990 words a week, which translates to 570 words per day.  570 words a day isn't a lot by most people's standards, but it's doable for my life and schedule, and will allow me to write consistently without killing myself.

And you know what? So far this year it is going great!  I have written every single day of the year so far.  Granted, there was one day I only wrote 20 words and a couple times this week I only got in 50.  But by week's end, each time, I have met my 3,990 goal.

What's even more important is that the consistency of writing on a regular schedule has helped story-flow tremendously.

Last month, for achieving my goals I awarded myself a night at the movies and dinner out.  I will plan something similar for this month if I meet my goal of writing every day.

I realize it's only February and that the bulk of the year is still before me, but I am very encouraged by my progress so far.

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