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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Anniversary, Arizona!

WOOHOOO!!!!!!  Today Arizona celebrates her 100th year of Statehood!

Yep, February 14, 1912--the United States of America saved the best of the contiguous states for last and Arizona became the 48th state

February is a special month.  We celebrate two of our most important Presidents' birthdays in February.  I celebrate my own.  And in addition to Arizona's statehood anniversary that we are celebrating today, February is important to Arizona for another reason.

It was on February 24, 1863 that Arizona was organized as a separate territory apart from New Mexico.

Oh the rich history of Arizona!  The beauty of Arizona!  I am so very blessed to live here.  And make no mistake--there's more to Arizona's beauty than just the Grand Canyon, and more history than just the Gunfight at the OK Corral, though that usually is the limit of people's Arizona knowledge.

I will literally spend the rest of my life-time uncovering all the gems of information about Arizona's history, and discovering all the beautiful places contained within her borders. 

It is a privilege and honor to be here.  Thank you, Lord, for this blessing!

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