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"Hard is not hopeless." - General David Petraeus

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Ladies, Do You Cry More As You Get Older?

Nope, on this beautiful Lord's day the topic is definitely not writing related.  This is a post especially for the ladies.

Inquiring minds want to know---do you find that you cry more often and more easily the older you get? I'm not talking just sadness and tragedy.  I'm talking joy and happiness too.

Because I find that I do, and it weirds me out sometimes.  And honestly, while there are times of sadness (such as, in the process of sorting and packing, finding my dog, Cody's euthanasia bill from 2007 and a sympathy card from the vet) I find I am simply moved to tears more often for joyful reasons.

For example, you hear a song (like Laura Story's "Blessings" for example or even the Newsboys classic "I Am Free") and you can't help but shed a tear because you're so thankful to know the Lord as your personal Savior.  And sometimes it's simply driving down the road taking in the gorgeous scenery that is Arizona and being deeply thankful for the privilege to live here.

So what about you?


King J's Queen said...

Yes. I don't have heavy duty crying jags, having left those behind in the teen years; but I am definitely more prone to "tearing up" now than I was when I was younger. Certain songs, specific memories, etc can trigger teary eyes. I figure it goes with the hot flashes and gray hair.

Pat Iacuzzi said...

I cry more as I've gotten older; not only because of memories, but maybe because of added wisdom. Knowing as we see things play out in others' lives how it might turn out--that we've had similar experiences (empathy). Or, because I'm feeling a little more vulnerable--not as "tough" for life's challenges as I used to be.

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah. But then I've always been extremely moved by anything. Passion has its drawbacks. Even some commercials make me cry. Aahh, well, can't help it.