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Monday, December 14, 2009

Name That Dog Breed Contest Winner!

We have a winner in the Name That Dog Breed Contest!

Thanks to all who entered. The winner is….

Congratulations! I’ve contacted you by email to get a little info so I can send your prize.

For those who aren’t familiar with the contest, back in November I posted 5 pics of my mystery dog, Aztec. See the pictures here:

The purpose was to invite guesses as to her breed, because it drives me crazy that I don’t know. The bad news? I still don’t know! LOLOL!!!!!!! In addition to posing the question here on the blog, I also posed it on a dog forum on the internet. Here are the summary of responses I got:

Basenji/Australian Cattle Dog/Ridgeback
Belgian Malinois/Pharoah
German Shepherd/Dingo cross (someone actually forwarded a link to me of someone who breeds dingos in AZ)

As you can see, the guesses were all over the place but with some common denominators. One of these days I may just break down and do one of those DNA tests to see what it says.

My thanks to all who participated!!!!

1 comment:

Kathleen L. said...

wow! that's an amazing list. i love that others thought of Basenji. Makes me feel smart. Thank you, Brenda! What a fun contest.