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"Hard is not hopeless." - General David Petraeus

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Our Nation Based on Christian Principles

I watched a broadcast on In Touch this weekend that every American should see. All about our founding fathers, and why a nation determined to live by biblical standards is critical - even to those who don't believe.

I encourage you to go to In Touch at and view this video of the talk by historian David Barton. Through Friday, this video will be right on the main home page. By Saturday it will be moved to the video archives. Simply go to Broadcast, video, and select the July 5th broadcast "Is America A Christian Nation?".

Even if your interest is historical only, not religious, you will get a LOT from this broadcast. David Barton is an outstanding speaker. I would love to be able to have him come here to Arizona and speak some day.

In the midst of our trying times, it is easy to feel dejected. This message will lift you up and encourage you. And I hope it will do one more thing we haven't been especially good at - a nation of prayer.

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