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Monday, April 7, 2008

Awesome Blessings & Go For The Glow!

Technically today’s post isn’t writing related per se, but it does involve the kindness of a certain group of writers along with one You Tube guru who combined to bless me in a most awesome way!

I’m on a list with some fellow Christian writers, and someone made an off-hand comment that Dolly Parton performed a song on Idol. Well I don’t watch Idol (yeah I know, the only one in America) but it did prompt recall of the greatest musical memory of my life.

So I posted to that list of writers about how back in the 80’s, I remembered Dolly Parton performing on a Country Music Awards program dressed in a beautiful white (even angelic) dress with a beautifully dressed choir behind her. She sang a song called “He’s Alive”. I was explaining that it was the most powerful musical performance I’d ever heard in my life – before or since. Only someone with no pulse at all could NOT have been moved by that performance. The Spirit of God was all over it.

I also related to this group of writers how many thousands of times I’d wished in the intervening years that I’d had a VCR back then so I could have that moment on tape to watch again and again.

Well the next thing I know my inbox was flooded by a whole host of emails from fellow writers who, inspired by my post, had taken time out of their busy day to search the web and they actually found this performance posted on YouTube (

You could have knocked me over with the proverbial feather. This was from 1989 and quite honestly, I would never have even thought to check the internet for something that goes that far back. I realize of course the ‘Net was around then, but I just hadn’t considered the possibility that someone might have taped it and transferred it to the WWW.

So, nearly 19 years after seeing that magical performance, I was able to see it again. It still moved me like no other song has. I cannot listen to that song, or even talk about it, without crying tears of joy. It’s that awesome. I have visited that You Tube site and played that video about 25 times in the last few days and every single time, when it concludes, I just have to wipe my eyes and say “WOW!” I am firmly convinced that God used Dolly that night to reach millions with the most powerful message of all time - through a most powerful song.

I don’t think there are words that can adequately describe what a blessing that was to me. And a small group of writers and one perfect stranger with a You Tube site combined to make it possible.

You never know how the little things you say or do can awesomely affect someone’s life. For these people, the man who uploaded the video, my writer friends who found the video and emailed me the link – they were each led by a feeling, a spirit of service to do what they did. And the affect just makes me glow with happiness.

Now the question is, what can I do in turn to help someone else glow with blessing?

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