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Saturday, March 29, 2008

Civil War Trivia

Civil War Trivia

Though I haven’t had time to blog about it yet in much detail, I recently went through a horrible dry spell with my writing – feared that was the end of my writing dreams. But God is faithful and He instilled that dream in me when I was just a grasshopper and He has kept that dream alive in me even after many other dreams and schemes have come and gone.

One of the things He used to put my writing back on track is attending the Civil War Re-Enactments at Picacho Peak Sate Park – about 40 miles north of Tucson. I will fill in more information about that at a later time but for now, since I know there are many history buffs out there, especially Civil War buffs, I thought I would re-print, with Arizona State Parks’ permission, the fun page of trivia they handed out to attendees to fill in at this year’s event.

The majority of the questions are general Civil War ones but a few are specific to the battles in the Southwest. Here you go!

Picacho Peak Civil War Trivia
By Arizona State Parks Education Office, March, 2008

During the Civil War, uniforms were made from this material. (These were worn in the summer, too!)

Movies exaggerate the use of the bayonet as a stabbing weapon. Name 2 more common day-to-day uses.

The Civil War lasted from 1861 to 1865. In what year did most of the battles in the Southwest happen?

According to fashion of the 1860’s, women were NOT supposed to be tanned. Name 2 things women used to keep the sun off (hint: they didn’t have sunscreen!)

Civil War soldiers marched a lot and wore out many pairs of shoes. What was put on the shoe heels to make them last longer?

Often food was in short supply. Most soldiers had a supply of this food, made of flour, salt and water, to keep from going hungry. What was this food called? (It was usually full of bugs, but they ate it anyway!)

During the Civil War, the cartridge (part that holds the bullet and gunpowder) was made of this unlikely material.

Medical treatment was very different from today. What was the usual treatment for a bad gunshot wound to the arm or leg?

What was the most common way to communicate over long distances during the Civil War? (hint: telephones and e-mail hadn’t been invented!)

The cap worn by Civil War soldiers had a small leather bill and was based on a French military design. What was it called?

Abraham Lincoln was the President of the United States. Who was the President of the Confederate States?

“Picacho” is a Spanish word that means __________.

The battle of Picacho Pass was re-enacted here today. Which side won, Confederate or Union?

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Patricia said...

Cool, I know a few of the answers but not many. When are you printing the answers : )