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"Hard is not hopeless." - General David Petraeus

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Writer Encouragement - On The Public Bus!

Alas, I'm behind in my posts. I have several posts I need to write about filling my creative tank but it will have to wait until this weekend when I have a little time to myself.

Just wanted to share that encouragement for your writing sometimes comes from unexpected places. I do not have a car so I take the public bus wherever I go. Just like in school, I'm a geek so I have to sit as close to the front as I can. I snatched a seat behind the driver that had the added advantage of blocking out the brutal morning sun.

Since time is an absolute premium to me, I have to make the most of every minute, including my time on the bus (if you've ever taken a bus in Arizona, you know a BIG chunk of your day goes to getting from Point A to Point B). So I whipped out the most recent chapter of my novel along with my red pen and started reading with my editorial eye, the pages propped up on the backpack I held on my lap.

A minute or so later, someone leans over my seat and calls out to get my attention. I'm startled because I pretty much keep to myself, being the hermit that I am. Plus I was deep in thought.

"Did you write that?" the guy says.

I said that I did. His reply?

"That's pretty good stuff."

In a split second I had several different reactions. I'm getting to be a little geezerly now so first off, I was amazed that the guy could actually read that print from the seat behind me. 8-) Then I was a little violated that someone was reading my private material. And then finally, my brain clicked into gear and I had the good sense to be blessed by his comment and I thanked him.

That one brief statement was an unexpected blessing to me as a writer and really made my day.

It was also a lesson to me as a human being. We can't remind ourselves enough to guard the words that spring from our lips. Everything we say has the power to help or hurt another person. So my goal is to return the favor and put a little spring in the step of someone I come across by speaking words of encouragement.

May all your writing be blessed today!

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