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Friday, August 23, 2013

Thoughts for Friday

WRITING RELATED:  I am really enjoying reading the nonfic historical reference book Battle Cry of Freedom:  The Civil War Era by James McPherson. 

This book is my starting point of research to get a good picture of the American economic and political climate in the 1840's and 1850's as prep for the novel I'm currently working on.   I LOVE to research.  It is a time consuming joy.  I only wish I had an outstanding memory and could store away facts without having to write them down and categorize them. 8-)  

My thanks to fellow ACFW writer Henry McLaughlin for recommending it as a starting point.  It has been an excellent reference.

Even though I'm not able to spend a lot of time on it, I'm glad to be back to focusing on my novel after a year's time away from writing.  No matter how little time I have each week, I need to chip away at it bit by bit.

CAREER:  Anybody who feels compelled to do so, please pray for me to receive clear guidance on career direction.  I desperately need a career change but I'm at a loss as to how to proceed.  I've got a desire to help people my own age with orthopedic problems, so I've been considering Physical Therapist Assistant or Personal Trainer as choices.  There are a lot of pros and cons to both, not the least of which is being middle aged and making a major career shift.  And maybe that's not even the direction God wants me to go in.  I just need clear direction.  All I know is that a change is necessary to my well being, and I don't feel in my present position I am truly able to serve in a satisfactory way.

PHYSICAL THERAPY:  Drove for the first time in over 6 weeks yesterday.  Doable, but rather painful.  I will limit my driving to just the most necessary trips for right now.  And oh how I wish for a full night's sleep.  Plenty of rest is just as critical to healing as physical therapy.  I pray that as the days pass, sleeping the night through will get easier.  Am seeing a bit more improvement in range of motion, which is great!  Thank you, Lord!

SUNDAY SCHOOL:  Am praying over and reviewing Sunday School course material for teaching youth (middle schoolers in particular).  I am torn between teaching philosophies.  So much of the material today is infused with pop culture references, many of which I do not know nor do I care to be informed.  By the same token, my heart's greatest desire is deeply penetrating God's word into the hearts of these kids so it is there to draw on throughout their lives as they experience one life event after another and seek guidance, comfort, and support. 

I really could care less if the kids know who the Kardashians are, or about the latest movie.  What I care about is how much of God's word is stored away in their hearts.  What I don't know is the best method for sinking it into this attention deficit generation.  I want them to go deep, not scratch the surface.  But going deep seems to be antithetical to the times.

Happy Friday, everyone.  May the steps you are taking toward your goals this week be fulfilled according to God's plan for your life.

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