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Monday, March 21, 2011

Traditional or Self-Publishing: More Authors Diving In?

As an unpublished author, I feel less than apt to understand the complexities of the publishing business, be it the traditional or self-publishing model. I do know that as technology changes the way things work, and as traditional publishers offer less value to the author and by the same token push more work off on the author, the more I question whether or not traditional publishing is the right way to go, regardless of how much harder still it is to get your book out there as a self-pubbed e-author.

So I turn to people much more knowledgeable than me to listen to all sides of the debate.

Extremely interesting blog post today at this link (this blog is always very informative--if you haven't already, I suggest you bookmark it):

In short, it examines a decision made by an author to pass up a $500,000 offer by a traditional publisher to go the self-pub route.

Regardless of what route to publishing you choose, it is necessary to be informed. Publishing, in either realm, is not for the faint of heart.

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