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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Most Appealing Book Cover?

We've been discussing novel book covers on a writer's loop I'm on. For me, a book cover is a huge deal. I thresh through a lot of books at the bookstore based on cover alone. If the cover wows me, I'll pick up the book and read the back cover blurb. If that wows me I'll read the first page.

There are many different genres and many different tastes in cover art.

So what's the most appealing book cover you've seen recently?

I can think of two recent books whose cover art has appealed to me.

First, Jim Rubart's Rooms. You can see the cover art by clicking here:

I LOVE the colors--those cool green/blue variations and the solitude of the house in the woods. And a hint of mystery.

And the book cover on Athol Dickson's Lost Mission just knocked my socks off:

Being a southwestern girl, this tilted mission and the warm orange hues grabbed me right away. The cover also implies stormy weather--also grabbed my attention. I've only just begun to read the book but from the opening pages it looks like a storm is brewing within as well.

Do you have a book cover that has grabbed you lately? Send me the book's link.

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