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Sunday, April 11, 2010

The Sweetest Sounds I Know

I was thinking this past week about the sweetest sounds I know. Sounds that just flood you with joy and make you rejoice to the Lord even more.

The single-most wonderful sound to my ears is the sound of many believers flipping those thin, gold-edged pages of their Bibles to the passage the preacher is going to use that day. I love to hear that sound in my own church, and I love to hear it while watching In Touch or other broadcasts. That is when I most tangibly feel the unity of believers as we all seek to know our Creator more intimately through His Word.

The other sound that is sweet as honey is the sound of eight or nine thousand believers lifting their voice in one accord to sing Amazing Grace, sans musical accompaniment. I experienced that at the Rock & Worship Road Show in Phoenix tonight with Mercy Me.

What a joy to sense that unity of purpose among your fellow believers as they praise and worship God!

I don’t know what songs are on the docket for tomorrow’s worship service at my church, But I’m looking forward to being in God’s house to praise Him and learn more about Him and how to apply His teachings to my life.

And I eagerly look forward to the whisper-quiet turning of pages, magnified a few hundred times just the way we want to magnify our praise to the Lord for his kindness and mercy.

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Unknown said...

Mercy Me is awesome! Sounds like a fantabulous time. :)