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"Hard is not hopeless." - General David Petraeus

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Writing Dry Spell Pervasive

I'm sitting here sipping at my cup of apple cider vinegar/honey (heard it was healthy for you) and preparing to call it a night (and trying to avoid thoughts of having to go back to work tomorrow). I've been pondering my own writing frustrations and something else.

For some reason, it seems that several writers I know are going through a rough dry spell of sorts. I don't know all the particular reasons but several people in my circle of writer friends who were really productive last year and the beginning of this year have had their productivity dry up in the last month or so.

While it's not uncommon for writers to hit a dry spell, it just feels weird to me that it has happened to so many writers all at once. Granted, it may just be my feeble brain thinking it's a lot, I don't know. But I do find it weird.

So for all those unknown writers who are struggling with a dry spell today, including myself, I'm saying a prayer for each of us, that'll we get back on track according to God's plan for our lives, including our writing.

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