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Sunday, October 18, 2009

What Kind of Dog Training Collar Do You Use?

Good Afternoon! As usual, I feel any post topic is up for grabs on Sundays and today's is:

When you are training your dog (for the sake of discussion, your adult dog, since puppies have different needs), what kind of collar do you use? And why do you prefer that style collar?

There are a mind boggling number of collars. The traditional leather or nylon ones that buckle closed; the slip chain type, the prong collar, collars that are half traditional, half slip chain; harnesses, Gentle Leaders, and probably more I haven't thought of?

I'd be very grateful for your input on this.

1 comment:

Kathleen L. said...

My sister has a wild half-Labrador, half-Golden Retriever who was impossible to walk for the first few years of his life. My sister is no fading lily of a gal, but this animal would drag her about and wrench her harm out of its socket at the sight of another dog, cat, squirrel, leaf. . .She finally got a gentle leader, and he walks like a lamb, now.
My Newfoundland has a nylon half-slip, half-choke collar, but this does not give me as much control as I'd like. He ends up pulling me. I prefer a choke collar, used properly. (snap correction, not pull.) But his breeder insists that a choker is too heavy handed for the gentle soul of a Newf.
And to that, I say. . .'no comment'
: )