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Saturday, May 23, 2009

Writing The Perfect Song For Dads

You know, week after week I post here about my novel writing journey. For everyone who writes, they have a 'specialty', if you will. For some it's novels. For some it's non-fiction. For some it's short stories, poetry, or songwriting. Of those, the only one it appears I have a knack for is novel writing.

But as Father's Day approaches, I'll tell you what I wish. I wish I had a knack for music and song-writing or, as second choice, a knack for poetry. You see, I don't think anyone has ever written the perfect song for dads. At least not that I've heard. If YOU have heard a great song for dads, please leave a comment and let me know. Poetry even.

For a very long time, I've wanted to write a song for my dad. I have no idea how and whatever I came up with wouldn't do him justice anyway. That's why I listen in awe as Steven Curtis Chapman sings Cinderella. That song just fills me with love and joy for what it is - a song dedicated to the joys of raising children, in this case, daughters. And obviously the song is made even more poignant because of the terrible tragedy their family suffered a year ago in losing Maria Sue.

But you know why else I love that song? Because taken in the reverse, it is a song that is about dads too. About dads who take the time to spend with their children. About dads who love their children with all of their heart, soul and strength. Have faults? Yes. Get bogged down in the work-a-day world? Yes. But love their children deeply.

Now if I could vote for someone to write the perfect dads song, it would be Steven Curtis Chapman, but as a dad himself, I'm guessing he would find that pretty weird. 8-) So I guess it needs to come from someone else (hey I wonder if his wife writes any songs?) 8-)

Sigh. It's just something I long to see done. But every time I sit down and try to come up with the right words, I just freeze. Because I want them to be absolutely perfect.

So I guess this Father's Day will be just another year with another card in a feeble attempt to express myself. I'll probably sit down and try again to come up with the right words, and who knows, maybe one day it will come out right.

But if you're out there and listening and have a heart for music and words, do me a favor. Write the perfect dads song.

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