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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Getting Copyright Permission From God

I'm taking a little break this afternoon before heading back to my novel re-write, and felt in the mood to post a little humor piece this beautiful Sunday afternoon. This is a little thing I wrote almost 2 years ago pursuant to an email conversation.

Someone was talking about the various Bible translations, and asking how many verses you can use before you have to obtain the publisher's permission to use these verses in your manuscript. I always felt that was a bit presumptuous seeing as how the Bible is GOD'S word and not the publisher's. So this was my response:

Did ya ever wonder how this really works? Does Ed Publisher, of Ed Publishing House Inc, every time he gets a request to quote the Bible in someone's work, send a fax to God asking for His consent to quote His word in their book? I can just see the conversation now:

Ed Publisher (exasperated, churning out yet another fax, Heaven being the first number on his fax's speed dial): You know, Lord. This would be a lot easier if you would just sign over your copyright to us.

The LORD: Sorry, Ed. It's you humans that insist on all this legalism. Remember I've tried to teach you not to embrace it. What're those rules you made up? Life of the author plus 75 years?

Ed Publisher: (still feeding forms through the fax) Yeah, but you'll live forever!

The LORD: Exactly. Keep feeding those forms, Ed.

Have a blessed day in our LORD!

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