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"Hard is not hopeless." - General David Petraeus

Saturday, April 20, 2013

To The Last Breath

Bobby Jackson
July 8, 1934 - April 1, 2013
The Best Dad on the Face of the Earth

Quiet strength and integrity
Respected by all who knew him
The father I wish every kid had
The husband every wife wishes for
Devoted to the last breath
Two or three jobs to support his family
Still made lifetime memories for his kids
Hard worker, strong and loyal
Devoted to the last breath
Best childhood memories—
All of Dad and with Dad
At his desk at the Air Force Base
Playing with his pens
Riding shotgun in the big truck
Picking up motorcycles in New Jersey
With Dad as he buffed the mall floors at night
Devoted to the last breath
Dad spoke few words
But when he spoke up
Wicked—his sense of humor
Devoted to the last breath
Slept under his wife’s hospital bed
As she battled cancer
Refused to leave her side
Devoted to the last breath
He never had to raise his voice
Just gave you “the look”
But who’d want to disappoint him?
Devoted to the last breath
Dad & I “did Nashville” circa 1986
The only time for just the two of us
Memories for a lifetime
Devoted to the last breath
He adored his wife
His children, grandbabies
So much love to give
Devoted to the last breath
Even with a heart that began to fail
Devoted to the last breath
No wonder his heart gave out
He poured out every last bit to his family
His bedridden wife
Devoted to the last breath
The most important person in my universe
What words can express the loss?
How much have I learned
Just observing his life
And being blessed to be part of it?
        Dearly missed.
You are my heart always.

Dad & his toy 8-)
Dad & Sis
My sister claims he was taking a test.  I say he was writing the Great American Novel (manuscript yet to be uncovered)

No words can possibly describe how greatly you are missed, Dad.




King J's Queen said...

When I see the photographs of your Dad, I see you in him. I am so very sorry for your loss. There has been too much of it in your family. I know you are able to rejoice in his permanent healing as he rests with our Father. One day, you'll see him again, when you go Home.

Nicole said...

Lovely, loving tribute. What a guy! This is how I felt about my dad. Lots of similarities. It's so hard to be without them, isn't it? I'm so very sorry for your loss, Brenda. All I can say is I know how it feels. The Lord knows . . .

B.K. Jackson said...

KJQ, Nicole, thank you both for your kind comments. I think fathers are one of the greatest gifts God gives to us.