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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

2013 Writing Goals?

What are your writing goals for 2013?  How will 2013 be different for you and your writing?

Usually by December I am working furiously on my writing goals for the next year.  What manuscript will I work on? What other manuscript will I go through and do edits on?  What if any conferences will I attend?  Craft books to read?

But this month it isn't happening.  I'm still waiting to see when/if writing will resume as part of my life.  For some reasons I understand, and other reasons I don't, writing is still on hold in my life and, at least at present, I am content to wait for such time as I feel led to re-start.

So how about you?

What are your writing goals for 2013?

How will 2013 be different for you and your writing?


Pat Iacuzzi said...

Hi Brenda--

Here to still encourage you....a lady who wins in the Genesis contest shouldn't give up!

I did for two yrs., after I discovered a plot problem I never thought I'd iron out--but finally did--and it worked out better than I thought! God is good--and it is in HIS TIMING. Blessings with your health, work... and writing, should you decide to return to it. Pat

B.K. Jackson said...

Thanks! I admit to being a little freaked out occasionally that writing has been absent from my life for nearly 6 months. But as you said, it is all done according to God's timing.

He'll let me know when to reactivate and He'll make the time in my schedule for me to do so.

Patti Shene said...

Hi Brenda! I want to ease my way back into writing since I've spent so much of the past !of years editing. I feel like my 'writing fingers' have become rusty!

So, I've set up some schedules for my three blogs on my website and committed to guest on a couple of other blogs throughout the next few months. I just hope it doesn't prove to be too much.

BTW, i emailed you about participating in a blog hop. It would be fun and would probably drive some new readers to your blog. Let me know if you are interested ( and I'll get you the details!