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"Hard is not hopeless." - General David Petraeus

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Writing Consistency=RESULTS!

Nothing is more natural than creativity.

After all, it was from our Creator Himself from whom we get this gift.  And just as everything God created is unique, so is the creative journey for every person who pursues it.

January and February of this year have been my most consistent writing months ever.

Not only does it feel GRRRRREAT! (I'm hearing Tony the Tiger's voice in my head as I write this. *-) but it also means I'm seeing tangible, visible results.

By completing today's word count, I just hit the 90k mark in this manuscript.  By end of March, I will be completing its first draft, about 15 months after starting it.  Big time goal, since my first manuscript, the one before this, was 6 YEARS in the making.

So if you want to write, DON'T GIVE UP and WRITE CONSISTENTLY, whatever consistently means to you and your schedule.  For me that means getting words on paper every day, even if on some days it's only 20-50 words.  It helps you process your story so much better to chip away at it routinely.

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Nicole said...

Good work, Brenda!