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Saturday, December 10, 2011

James Scott Bell's Post over at The Kill Zone

I highly recommend reading James Scott Bell's post today over at The Kill Zone.  You can read it here:

Before you click away thinking, "I'm so sick of the debate between traditional publishing and self publishing", I ask you to give it a read anyway.  While Mr. Bell certainly does make a case for why he chooses to both traditionally publish and self publish, what was most engaging to me was his infectious attitude in going after his writing.

In short, he knows how to "git-er-done" when it comes to writing and getting his work out there.  THAT is probably the single greatest battle for any writer, and I'm not talking about rejections from a publisher.  In order to be published in any form, we have to do the work--we have to write the story and either provide or procure the cover design, technical know-how and marketing of our books.

But no one can read what we haven't written.  And THAT is the main attraction of Mr. Bell's blog post.  Go read, and be inspired!

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