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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Eternally Inspired by Arizona

Arizona Inspiration.  What an incredible place I live in!

I went to a historical Arizona photographs fair at Arizona Historical Society/Tempe today.  A gentleman by the name of Jeremy Rowe ( though in my opinion his website could use a facelift) did a presentation on old photographic methods and showed tons of photos from around Arizona at different points in time, mainly ranging from the 1870's through the early-mid 1900's.

It's seeing exhibits like these that make me wish people still lived to be several hundred years old like in early Bible times--because every time I'd look at a photo from a different period I'd think, "I wish I could've been alive then...or then...or then..." etc.  Just think of what you could learn over several hundred years!

And certain photographs are like certain books--there are a few books when, each time you think of them, you feel a special warmth in your heart for how it made you feel and how much it inspired you.  Likewise for photographs.  Sometimes you see photographs that are so compelling, so touching, that it just makes you jump up and down for joy inside. 

What a treat for me today.

Makes me also wish (for the millionth time) I could be paid to study Arizona history every day and let THAT be my day job!)

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