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Friday, September 23, 2011

Friday Fun Post--Hungry-Man Pot Pies

I have a crisis.

I want a Hungry-Man pot pie.  I've wanted one for a couple of years now.  But I can't find them.

Maybe you're not a pot pie connoisseur.  As a primer, Hungry-Man pot pies are pot pies for serious pie eaters.  They're not those little rinky-dink pot pies from Banquet.  These are a real meal--4 zillion fat grams and all.

But the grocery stores here in Arizona don't carry them.  Why is that?  What did Hungry-Man ever do to them?  I know for a fact Arizonans eat unhealthy food because of all the OTHER high fat-gram content food I see stocked on the shelves.  So why is Hungry-Man being censored?  I can get their frozen dinners--those meal trays. 


I did write the company that makes Hungry-Man and asked where I could find them.  They kindly wrote back and verified that, yes, indeed, my local grocers were not stocking this item.  But that I could buy them by the case and to inquire at my local market. 

But that won't work.  I live in an apartment that utilizes a side-by-side fridge/freezer. For the record, I hate side-by-side fridge freezers because the freezer space is very small.  No place for a case of pies.  Sigh.

So here's the question for the weekend.  What food do you crave in your region of the country that isn't sold there?


King J's Queen said...

Diet Sun-Drop soda. I pick up a couple every time we go to North Carolina.

Patti Shene, Executive Editor, Starsongs Magazine said...

Oh, my goodness, Brenda, this brings back memories of an absolutely goofy day my daughter & I shared a couple of years ago. I wanted to know why I couldn't get my diet Pepsi in 24-oz bottles any more, so we called the toll free number on the Pepsi bottle. They informed us that they do still have 24-oz bottles, but that the stores in our area had stopped delivering them.

As we sat there at the kitchen table, eating chips and drinking Pepsi, we decided to call the number on the bag of chips because over half of the bag was nothing but crumbs. The person who answered the phone apologized profusely. My daughter received a few coupons for free bags of chips from that call.

Next, we called the M&M company to find out why they had discontinued the light brown M&Ms. We were told that they had conducted a national survey a couple of years back about what color M&Ms people liked. Blue won over light brown & that's how we started getting blue M&Ms!

Anyway, I'm so sorry you can't get the hungry man dinners, but thanks so much for sparking this memory!

I can't believe a real person actually answered the phone for all three calls, so it must have been quite some time ago!

B.K. Jackson said...

I also can't get Breyer's Yogurt (not frozen) here in Arizona. Although that one is ok. I loved Breyer's Yogurt when I lived back east. But when I went back to visit and had one, I found that I had become accustomed to the much more artificial addititives and preservatives of Yoplait/Dannon and didn't like Breyers as well.

My roommate can't get Wise potato chips here either.