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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Tips on Twitter

I don't know about you but the whole concept of social media gives me a massive headache.  I'm being absolutely honest when I say I simply do not understand how people manage their day jobs, families, chores, errands, research and oh yeah, writing and do this social media thing.  I mean take yesterday for example--on TOP of the work-week from hell (I'm sorry to be blunt, but that's what it was) I logged 12 hours of work time yesterday between a trip to Tucson for a workshop relating to my novel research and catching up on crits I owed my crit group.

I realize this kind of exhausting schedule is not unique to me, but I ask again, how in the world do you find time for social media AND find something that's actually relevant and useful to say?

Nevertheless, my point is not a rant (though I certainly gave it a good go. LOL!) My point is that over at Writer Unboxed, I read a good post on the use of Twitter--one that spelled it out so even a social media incompetent like me can grasp most of the concepts of the article.  And the article does not dawdle--it is just nuts and bolts bullet points on how to use Twitter.

If you are brave enough for social media, I encourage you to check out this very informative link:

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