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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Five-0 & The Captain Fallout Ep

Well I've had my turn at grousing about the 4/11/11 episode of Hawaii Five-0 which aired on Monday night, so now it's only fair to turn the tables and hit the highlights of why I enjoyed the previous episode (episode #19) so much.

Yes, this is still writing related--a creative outlet to analyze episodes and see what worked/didn't work and how I can apply that to my own writing.

I LOVED episode 19.  So much so that I've probably watched it a dozen times. LOL!  Here are the highlights of why:

Excellent use of humor sprinkled throughout the episode such as:
- the blank look on Steve's face when Max is describing the history of Captain Fallout. LOL! 
- I especially loved the interaction with Steve, Danno and Johnny D when they pointed out to the guy the snowglobe represented Seattle, not Paris. Double LOL!
- I LOVED the line from the guy dressed as a commander from Star Trek DS9 when he said (RE Uhura) "She was a sister, and she answered the phone.  I'M a commander!"  Even though I think Nichelle Nichols ought to smack him for that, it still made me laugh my head off. 8-)
Good balance and use of the whole team--they were all used to good advantage and I got some good Steve as team leader/problem solver (this is an area of adjustment for me with the new series. While Steve and Danno worked closely together in the original, the line was not as blurred as it is in this series--there was no mistaking at any time that Steve McGarrett was the head honcho.)

* Great use of secondary characters in this episode.  Whoever casted these folks did a great job.  Loved the guy who played Johnny D--he was so much fun I just didn't have the heart to be upset with him for being a thief. *-)

* The episode pulled at me emotionally.  Now maybe you could explain it away by saying I'm going through a mushy, sentimental phase in life.  But I thought the progression of the investigation, and the personalities involved was a great lesson for myself and everybody else.  This episode really made me stop and think--each decision we make in life has consequences.  Oftentimes we make decisions with little thought or anticipation.  Could this woman have ever envisioned that her crime of passion in 2008 would result in the death of a man she didn't even know in 2011?  That touched me on behalf of all the characters and it touched me on behalf of myself and thinking about the way I make choices. 

And if an episode hits me on that level, I know they've done a very fine job of it.  Excellent, excellent episode.

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