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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Do You Know Your State's Statehood Date?

As I've been doing the jig celebrating Arizona's anniversary all week (February 14th, 1912 in case you didn't see the post a couple days ago), I have been astonished to learn that hardly anyone knows it was Arizona's anniversary this week.

So I assume from this that only history nuts like me who are passionate about their state pay attention to such things. Now Arizona's is the ONLY state I know this info on. I can at least tell you that California achieved statehood in 1850, but not the exact date. I can tell you Delaware was the first state but not the exact date. But Arizona's anniversary is engraved in my mind. I can't remember my family members exact birthdates (and if you don't believe me, ask them!) but I can remember Arizona's.

So what about you? Do you know your state's statehood date? Or does anyone you know?


Cathee said...

Jan. 29th 1855. :)

B.K. Jackson said...

WOOHOO!!!!!! Good to know.