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"Hard is not hopeless." - General David Petraeus

Friday, December 31, 2010

Kindles, Milestones, New Year's, Oh My!

I am very eager for the arrival of 2011 and excited about the possibilities.

2010 Highlights:

Favorite Fiction Reads:
(The books I list here and in the non-fic category may not have been pubbed in 2010, it just took me till 2010 to get around to reading them)
Lost Mission - Athol Dickson
A Distant Melody - Sarah Sundin
The Call of Zulina - Kay Marshall Strom
(Would include War & Peace here but I only finished Vol. 1. Will have to finish Vol. 2 in early 2011)

Favorite Non-Fiction Reads:
(craft) Save the Cat! - Blake Snyder
Spoken From The Heart - Laura Bush
Decision Points - George W. Bush
The Chronological Tracking of the American Civil War - Ronald Mosocco
Reveille In Washington - Margaret Leech

First Time Milestones:
Submitted my manuscript to an editor for the first time ever (mega-accomplishment)
Finished my first manuscript and set it aside to begin next one (at last!)
Entered the digital reader age

The 2010 Victory Dance:
For winning the Genesis Contest Historical Fiction (non-romance) Division

The 2010 Out of Nowhere Surprise:
Getting the gift of a Kindle (and having to eat my "No way, Jose! No e-readers for me!" words!)

The Little Things Mean A Lot Award:
I've wanted to have a membership in the Arizona Historical Society ever since I moved here 13 years ago, but never seemed to have the $50 bucks to spare. This year, I decided bills and necessities be hanged! I joined, effective this month. Matter of fact, I just received my first issue of The Journal of Arizona History and it makes me all bubbly inside! Perfect for New Year's! 8-)

Gumption Junction:
I at last proved to myself that I could finish what I started (ie. a manuscript). A big leap forward.

I'm thankful for these highlights of 2010. It was a painful and harsh year, not only for myself but for many people I know. My prayer for all is that those hurts will be eased with time and that the coming year will be a blessing to you.

I've decided to tackle my writing plan with a different approach next year. At times, that approach will be very demanding. But I'm attempting to learn from mistakes made during my first manuscript. I"ll let you know this time next year if I succeeded. 8-)


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King J's Queen said...

Happy New Year, my friend!