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"Hard is not hopeless." - General David Petraeus

Sunday, October 17, 2010

What Is That Deep Thing Your Story Is About?

Great thought provoking post from James Scott Bell over at The Kill Zone today. You can read it here:

In essence, the topic is--what is that deep thing that is driving your story? More than just words on paper---more than just characters and a plot, what is it that drives you to write that particular story? Perhaps you'd like to use the term "theme" though it seems a bit deeper than theme to me.

I wrote down all the novel concepts I have and want to write. Each one had a slightly different theme, but there was one thread that seemed to tie them altogether.

The Esther 4:14 principle--that "for such a time as this" people are called to do difficult things that often lead to a greater good. It's instant story fodder--there is sacrifice and suffering, controversy and conflict. The darkest hours of a person's life often contribute to a greater good.

How often do we fail to see God at work in our life? How often do we stress or gripe about something going on in our life and fail to see how God is using it to impact others? How many times can we step up to the plate to do something but refuse, figuring someone else will take care of it? How many times do we step up and do something, but not realize the full impact we've had?

For such a time as this. I'm fascinated by the impact we can have on others if we obey God. And I can play it out through the pages of a novel, even if real life doesn't always work out.

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