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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Just Hours Away From the ACFW Awards Banquet

The ACFW Awards Banquet is about 8 hours away as I write this blog post. Tonight I, along with several other finalists in the Genesis contest, will be waiting to hear who are the winners and runner ups in our various categories. We will also look forward to hearing other winners, such as Editor of the Year, Mentor of the Year, and the Carol Award winners.

As I think back over the days since March when I submitted my Genesis entry and all that has happened in life in the ensuing six months, I can't help but think of Lonesome Dove. Because I feel like what Call must have felt like when he made the arduous trail drive all the way up to Montana then back to Texas again with Gus's body.

It has been heaven. And it has been hell.

I have some things to share about that journey that I will post this week.

I had not intended to stand by waiting for word on progression of the awards ceremony tonight. But since learning recently that they would do a live blog of the event, I decided to make a tasty dinner, pull up a tall cold one of Diet Cherry Dr Pepper, and settle in to watch things roll out.

I picked a couple names in my Genesis category that I think might win (No, not picking my own name. Of my many sins, fortunately arrogance isn't usually one of them). They are all strong contenders but I'm anxious to see if I'm on the mark or not with my picks. I will know in 8-10 hours. 8-)

In the meantime, there is much normal life to occupy me. Once I get home from church, I've got a sink full of dishes to wash, chili to make for the upcoming week's meals, and some hamburgers to grill on the George tonight while I "watch" the ceremony. I'm looking forward to hearing results one way or another.

God bless all the entrants.

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