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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Recommended Read: The Unfinished Gift by Dan Walsh

What a treat the last few months have been for me. When I have time to read, it's usually non-fiction to continue my research on Arizona history. But in the last few months I've had an opportunity to read a few novels.

In each case, I have ended up reading books that, for a variety of reasons keep popping up on my radar screen---word of mouth chatter, beautiful book covers, and authors who place in contests.

In this case, I just finished reading Dan Walsh's The Unfinished Gift. As announced yesterday, Dan has been selected as a finalist in two categories in this inaugural year of The Carol Awards (formerly Book of the Year Awards) in both the Debut Author and Short Historical categories.

I got the book last night, and were I not so very tired, I would have stayed up to finish it last night. Still, I finished it this afternoon when I came home from church.

It is a heart-warming story set on the home front of World War II, specifically, 1943. It is a wonderful tale of mending broken families, faith in God, and what Jesus teaches about having the faith of a child.

If you enjoyed watching family sagas/television such as the Waltons, you will love reading The Unfinished Gift. Each of the main characters are well defined and you find yourself drawn easily into their world as if you were there living the events right along with them.

While the story is lower on the "physical action" scale than I usually go for, it doesn't suffer for it. For many of us who have the struggles of family life pressing on our minds in this day and age more now than ever, The Unfinished Gift brings hope.

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