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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Congratulations To All 2010 Genesis Contest Entrants and Finalists

On Thursday, May 13th, the finalists for the Genesis Contest were announced. This is a contest for unpublished Christian Fiction writers. The contest received a whopping 458 entries (boggles my mind!). Here are the categories and finalists:


CONTEMPORARY FICTION: (total entries: 47)
Cindy Hays
Lynnette P. Horner
Chris Kraft
Mark Lundgren
Christina S. Nelson

CONTEMPORARY ROMANCE: (total entries: 63)
Jeannie Campbell
Sarah Forgrave
Janice LaQuiere
Rebecca Syme
Linda Yezak

HISTORICAL FICTION: (total entries: 35)
Lori Benton
Brenda Jackson
Robert Kaku
Lisa Karon Richardson
Katie-Marie Stout

HISTORICAL ROMANCE: (total entries: 65)
Susanne Dietze
Anne Greene
Pam Hillman
Lisa Karon Richardson
Ruth Trippy

MYSTERY/SUSPENSE/THRILLER: (total entries: 45)
Rich Bullock
Barbara Early (double finalist with two entries)
Lynda Schab
Chawna Schroeder

ROMANTIC SUSPENSE (there was a two-way tie for the fifth finalist slot): (total entries: 50)
Valerie Goree
Mindy Obenhaus
Leslie Pfeil
Dianna Shuford
Teri Dawn Smith
Terri Weldon

SPECULATIVE FICTION: (total entries: 49)
Ben Erlichman
Suzanne Krein
Shelley Ledfors
Andra Marquardt
Holly Smit

WOMEN'S FICTION (there was a three-way tie for the fifth finalist slot): (total entries: 76)
Lisa Buffaloe
Jennifer Fromke
Terri Haynes
Fay Lamb
Christina S. Nelson
Melissa Tagg
Michelle Ule

YOUNG ADULT: (total entries: 56)
Angela Bell
Lin Harris
Kasey Heinly
LoraLee Kodzo
Stefanie Morris
I'm very honored to be selected as a Historical Fiction finalist. When I received the email that said "Dear Finalist..." I thought I was seeing things. It had been extremely hectic at work and I thought I was just seeing what I wanted to see. So I signed out of email and went back to work.
A while later I went back and signed in again and this time, there was an announcement to the ACFW loop about the finalists. I scrolled down to Historical Fiction and found my name. Still not satisfied, I clicked out of it and back in again and re-checked. But yes, still, there was my name listed. Then I knew it was true. 8-)
When I got home from work that night, it was officially confirmed as there was a phone message of congratulations on my answering machine.
I wish I could explain the depths of what it means to place as a finalist and actually only a small portion of that meaning is wrapped up in the actual writing itself. Getting that "Dear Finalist..." email was like finding a directional sign on a dark, empty back road. It's a feeling of relief to know I'm heading in the right direction after all.
Everyone who enters contests like the Genesis pour thousands of hours into the story of their heart. And my hope is that, whether entrants finaled or not, the feedback they receive from their entries will be a signpost for them too---a way of looking forward to all that is to come in their writing journey.
And contest or no contest, there is but one thing for all of us to do now that the results are out--get back to writing! 8-)

1 comment:

Patti Shene said...

So proud of you, Brenda! I must really be out of touch with ACFW, because yours is the only name out of all the finalists that I recognize. I set the main loop to "no mail" a long time ago because I just couldn't keep up with the volume anymore, so guess a lot of new members have joined since then.

Again, congratulations!