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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Recommended Read: Sarah Sundin's "A Distant Melody"

As I've stated here before, I don't read much fiction. What little time and money I have for books gets invested in non-fic books for my research.

But someone told me about this book and I looked it up a few times on the Internet and something kept drawing me back to it. So, this month, when I finally had a little extra to spend, I was elated to see that Berean had a copy in stock and I picked it up on Sunday after church.

I just finished it today. I was trying to finish last night but well---at my age, the spirit is willing, but the flesh definitely needs sleep. 8-)

A Distant Melody is a historical romance set in WWII. WWII era is not the time period I write in but I love American History in general and was anxious to see what I could glean from this book.

One of the other reasons I don't read much fiction is because, as a writer, it's hard for me to stop analyzing a book. I confess, I did a little analyzing with Sarah's book, but not much. Instead, I was captivated by her hero and heroine and her supporting cast of characters--they were each vivid and real to me. Not your typical "Barbie & Ken" characters with cutesie Harlequin Romance names--but each their own unique person with their own issues. And the author does her homework--I felt like I was in the cockit of the B-17 with the hero. Great stuff.

If you like historical romance with a healthy dose of high action, you'll really enjoy this book. I'm glad I took a chance on a book outside my usually-preferred time period. In fact, it's going to feel weird to go out into the world tomorrow and NOT see 1940's dress and establishments--I was that immersed in time and place.

Thumbs up for A Distant Melody. Congratulations, Sarah!

1 comment:

Sarah Sundin said...

Thanks for your wonderful review, BK! I'm so glad you enjoyed Walt & Allie's story - it means even more from someone who isn't normally drawn to the genre.