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"Hard is not hopeless." - General David Petraeus

Thursday, December 31, 2009

Packing Up 2009

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The end of 2009. Thank you, Lord. I’m ready to start anew.

2009 wasn’t bad. I worked hard on my novel the first half of the year, but fizzled in the last half. I have definitely seen growth in myself as a writer. I am grateful for the reciprocal relationships I have in online and Arizona crit groups where we can brainstorm with each other and help each other along in the writing journey.

The greatest thing about 2009 has absolutely nothing to do with writing. Finally, after 5 years of painful back problems that prevented me from taking walks or getting any meaningful exercise, I was able to restart walking this fall, which has been a blessing both for me and my dog. The back pain isn’t gone, but at least it doesn’t prevent me from taking reasonable walks. That’s like being handed a billion dollar check. 8-) Even more than a billion. The truth is, regaining freedom of movement is so priceless that there are no words to describe it. And for the record, it was no thanks to any doctor, but to God for answering prayer.

So that’s 2009 in a nutshell.

What about 2010? You know me. The Goals Geek. 8-)

I’ve taken a different approach this year. I tend to do well with my progress the first half of the year, then crash and burn spectacularly in the last half. So---

2010 Writing Goals:

My theme for 2010 is:


The Goals:

Think profound thoughts (a nice vague goal I’m bound to reach at least once in 2010. LOL!)

Finish and SEND OUT the PE Novel by June 30, 2010. No more clinging to it, dadburnit! (Déjà vu!)

Do the initial research and complete the first draft of my action/adventure historical by June 30, 2010

And then, if I DON’T crash and burn the last half, I get bonus points if I polish the action/adventure novel and send it out.
And I get extra, extra bonus points if I find time to learn some techy skills to help me improve my blog (like how to center the photo at the top of my blog, how to put a space between the title and the body of the post and other wonders of the world).

My wish for you all is a blessed and God-centered 2010.

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