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Sunday, December 20, 2009

A December Poem, Arizona Style

Despite the fact that we have over half a year of intense heat; despite the fact that it feels like 6 billion other people live in the state, I LOVE Arizona. I especially love Arizona in December. So here's my little ode to one small portion of this great state.

I don't fancy myself a poet, but Arizona awes me so much that even I, a verse-deaf poet, attempt a few lines now and then:

Superstitions In December
Rust red warmth
The jagged outlines of beauty
Against the December chill on my arms

Towering peaks
That flood my soul with great joy
To see them every day
To see them and pray

In thanks to their Creator

Gravelled trails
They zig-zag green carpet slopes
Beckoning me to enter the joy again

Quiet communion
God. Me. His Superstitions.
Brittlebush, ocotillo, prickly pear
For a moment, civilization forgotten

Saguaros—desert ambassadors
Mirror my mood, their arms lifted high
Stationary Snoopy Dance
Cheerful, they seem to shout
What fills my mind, lifts my heart

I’m so blessed to be here!

Copyright 2009 B.K. Jackson


King J's Queen said...


Merry Christmas!

Patricia PacJac Carroll said...

What a beautiful poem. It captures your heart worhsipping the awesome Creator.