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"Hard is not hopeless." - General David Petraeus

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Waiting to see Sperry The Third Time!

Sigh. It's only Thursday. I want it to be Saturday.

I want to go see The Secrets of Jonathan Sperry for the third time. LOL! I've gone the past two Saturdays and am hopeful to make it a third. The first two times I watched, I watched for the pure enjoyment of it. This time around, I want to watch to analyze the story and why it strikes such a chord for me - and learn how I can apply that to my own writing.

I read somewhere on the internet that since the movie's release it has resulted in about 500 professions of faith. I really do believe the Lord is using this movie to reach people. And it can reach the believer and the unbeliever alike.

Now if I can just get Thursday and Friday out of the way...

Have a great weekend, everyone!

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