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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Computer Frustration Lows and Writing Highs

There is nothing more infuriating on this planet then an extremely slow, barely functioning computer. I have been saving diligently for a new computer but I ain't even close yet. On top of that, Microsoft is taking their own sweet time about releasing Windows 7. Both things combined with the huge amounts of my time my current computer is wasting...well it's amazing I haven't imploded from sheer frustration.

To give you an example of just HOW slow - yesterday it took me twenty minutes to log on to the internet, open Yahoo, and send ONE email to a few fellow writers. Twenty minutes! And almost every bit of that twenty minutes was while working in my mail account. The time lag between every single keyboard command or mouse click would blow your mind.

At first I wanted to scream my frustration but I knew I'd quickly lose my voice (which others would probably prefer. 8-) I've been praying for the funds for a new computer for several months, but at this point am issuing desperate 911 calls to Heaven. Computers aren't a "luxury" purchase any more, and certainly no writer can hope to build a career without one.

So that's the lowest of the lows part of the story.

But there was a high too. My novel rewrite was stalled for a few months while I was busy readjusting my life in other areas, namely taking on teaching a youth class on Wednesday nights and some discipleship training for myself. Well yesterday I was able to finish the revisions to my first chapter.

I always struggle with the first chapter. It has to carry so much weight. If you don't grab the reader in the first few pages, the manuscript is doomed. But saying that and doing that are 2 different things. I've lost track of the hours and days I've put into revising first chapters. That's good and bad. It's good to keep going over it and fine tuning it. But at some point, you tune it so much that you risk sucking the life out of the story.

But at least now the first chapter is done and I will leave it to my crit partners to provide the objective eye I can't and tell me if I'm anywhere near the mark.

And it was just so much fun to be writing again. Like coming home. 8-)

So at least amidst all the computer trauma, I had something to cheer about!


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Jason said...

20 minutes to get an email out - now that's slow! Do some virus checking, and defrags. That'll make it go faster.

If you don't know how .. I'll help you out with friendly tech support, don't worry about the cost. Just blog about my services and we'll call it even! Viruses, so slow computers, no sweat.

Email me: JasonComputerFix AT gmail DOT com