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Friday, February 27, 2009

"Jonah" Soundtrack to Veggie Tales - Outstanding!

I like music but I don't consider myself to be as much into music as a lot of other people I know. Given the choice between absolute silence while at home or having music on, 95% of the time, I choose silence. Ditto for the car. But sometimes I just need some good music.

I like old country, the traditional hymns and southern gospel, and thanks to groups like the Newsboys and artists like Steven Curtis Chapman, I've come to love contemporary Christian as well.

But even though I've had the CD for probably a year now, I have to tell you the soundtrack CD for the VeggieTales movie Jonah is the most brilliant CD I've heard in a very long time. I think God used the various recording artists on this album in a mighty way. The humor, the clever lyrics, the FUN, the message! Oh my goodness. I'm a nice sedate Southern Baptist girl and where I grew up, you don't do a lot of toe tapping or clapping and such. But when you listen to the Jonah soundtrack, you can't help but move to the beat, to clap, to just get so excited you can't stay still!

So many wonderful songs on this CD but I think my top two are "In the Belly of a Whale" by the Newsboys and "Second Chances" (I'm not sure of the artist, want to say Anointed).

I've always had a particular fondness for the Newsboys. Back around 1998 when I first started listening to KLOVE and hearing my first contemporary Christian music, I was kind've undecided whether I liked it or not, being a throwback to the old days and songs. But then I went to a Newsboys Concert at a colliseum in Phoenix. They were performing along with the SuperTones.

That was such a powerful experience I've never forgotten it. That colliseum was filled with young people and there was not a one of them who was not caught up in the music and singing along. And I remember thinking to myself - well I've heard some of the music these kids listen to on the streets. So if the Newsboys can attract these young people with their music and their lyrics, I'm hooked. I've loved their unique musical style ever since.

Recently, my day started out badly even before I got to work, and while driving to work I prayed and asked God if He would have the radio station play a Newsboys song for me. Well God always works in greater ways then we can imagine - He made sure the Newsboys played for me not only driving to work, but at lunch time while running errands, then the drive home too! Thank you, thank you Lord!

But I digress.

My other favorite on this CD is "Second Chances". This song is so incredible. And if this song can't move you, I don't think anything can. It just leaves me with a tingly feeling each time I hear it. It comes close (but not quite) to the powerful delivery Dolly Parton had when she sang "He's Alive" at a music awards ceremony many years ago. Makes you shiver down to your toes, it's so powerful.

It's so wonderful how God gives each person different gifts to use for His work. Me? I can't sing a note and can't play either. I don't even know what the difference is between alto and baritone and I can't read music. But when I think of the artists on this Jonah soundtrack, or other artists like Greater Vision and many others too numerous to mention, I am truly thankful that they are using their gifts for good and to minister to the people.

And while music may not be my gift, God has given me an ability and desire for writing, and I need to use that gift, not squander it. I hope we will each use the gifts we've been given to minister to others in whatever way God has called us. If we all do that, think how transformed all our lives would be!

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