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Saturday, November 15, 2008

Writers Giving Back

Living in my beloved Arizona for the last 11 years, I have had the privilege of watching the creation of more and more writers groups here in the Valley of the Sun. There are secular writers groups, Christian writers groups, RWA chapters, mystery writers who I believe are called Desert Sleuths in this area - you name it.

It's difficult to get started as a writer - you have this nugget of an idea that you know won't be very easy to write. I mean saying we want to write a novel an undertaking the gargantuan task that it is are two totally different things.

Fortunately, writers are gracious and often give of themselves by volunteering their time and talents with one on one mentoring, classes, or even day long seminars. That's critical because writing conferences are NOT cheap. In fact, by point of comparison, a Psychologist can go to a national psychology conference cheaper then a writer can go to a national conference!

And so I'd like to give kudos to one particular day-long free event that has been held in Scottsdale for each of the past three years, sponsored by members of the Arizona Authors Association. This year's event is being held today starting at 9:30a. I'm unable to attend this year because I have other commitments, but I have attended the last 2 years and found the event very beneficial.

To learn more about this and Arizona's other local writers events, please visit:

and visit their calendar page.

Hats off to these and all writers who take time out of their hectic schedule to help someone else along in their writing endeavors. God bless you!

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