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Saturday, July 26, 2008

Aztec Finally Scores!!!

It's Saturday so my blog today is NOT on a writing topic. In December/early January I wrote about the crushing loss of my beloved black lab, and then the subsequent arrival of my mongrel pup, Aztec, in my life. I also wrote about the trials I was having with the new pup.

It has been a very difficult seven months for both Aztec and I - her and her puppy growing pains, me wishing I had Cody back just about every day. While Aztec and I are slowly bonding, it is by no means the deep bond I had with my lab. There were times I considered giving Aztec up because I just couldn't handle it.

She was always walking in Cody's shadow (and I admit, she still does). She wasn't as smart, as well behaved, as neat, and the list goes on and on. She also has a grating whine that she does - for no good reason - and she does it quite often. It has a fingernails on the chalkboard effect on me. I don't know if its because of her mystery breed (no one knows what she is) or because she's a female (I never had a girl dog before). All I know is that these many factors and my own considerable health trials this year have caused a lot of friction for the pup and I. And it makes me feel guilty. I've never felt so unworthy or inept as a pet owner as I have since bringing Aztec home.

But there was a little ray of light today. Aztec is a pain in the petute about many things. One of my lab's pain in the petute issues was his absolute refusal to cooperate when getting a bath. Yesterday Aztec got into something - I still haven't figured out what - in the back yard and I was left with no choice but to bathe her today because she smelled like something that died.

And I have to give her credit - she was a much better trooper about getting a bath on the back porch then The Codester ever was. A small victory to be sure, but gave us a little stronger ground to walk on together - and hopefully keep building that bridge to a deep bond that will carry us both through for many years.

Now if I could just figure out if there's such a thing as doggie Ritalin. . .

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